Video Analysis

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Send Us Your Swings!

For ONLY $50.

Now available on our website, you can now send to True Tempo Academy. 4 videos, 2 with a 7-iron swing and 2 with your driver. For your videos to be analyzed lesson in return.

Please take a video from the front of you and one from behind to be analyzed. We’ll send you back a personal video review of your swing showing you correct motions and showing you the areas where we think you may need a little help in improvement. 

True Tempo Academy is for Players of All Skill Levels

We offer fast, easy, and personalized swing instruction for all players of all ages and levels. To some, this may sometimes be a more affordable way than having a face-to-face lesson and more personalized than tips from magazines, books, or even a DVD. We will help you find our proven TRUE TEMPO ACADEMY techniques to improve your swing and game.

Please Send Your Swing Videos by any available means you have access to:
Email, YouTube, Dropbox, or Text Message.
Payment / Videos To:
or Text: 519-384-1640 PJ